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Past Exhibitions

Past exhibitions listed chronologicially, with most recent first.

Anne Meikle: Living in Leith

1 Mar - 30 Apr 2016

Anne Meikle is a wildlife photographer based in Leith, Edinburgh. All the wildlife in this exhibition were taken in Leith itself, right on her own door-step.

Graeme Halkerston: Edinburgh Street Photography

1 Dec - 27 Feb 2016

Graeme Halkerston is an Edinburgh based photographer and graphic designer. His background in graphic design is evident in the strongly geometric composition and high tonal contrast of many of his photos.

Craig MacLean

Another Scotland is Possible Probable

18 September - 21 November 2015

Craig MacLean is a leading documentary photographer, who has documented various radical political campaigns over many years. His approach is mainly based on telling a story through a series of photographs rather than showing individual images. This exhibition tells the story of the various grass roots campaign groups behind the independence campaign.

"Politicians and media pundits are all over the TV and papers analysing last year’s referendum result although for me it wasn’t the result but the process that we went through. People didn’t wait to be told what to do . More than other political campaigns and struggles I’ve been involved in, people didn’t want to just have a demo then go home they wanted to get involved. I covered YES meetings in churches, pubs, cafes, community centres you name it, but the biggest difference from other campaigns was the level of street activities."

Alan McCredie: Scotland - Portrait of a Nation

2 June - 1 August 2015

Extended by popular demand!

Alan McCredie is a Leith based photographer whose interest is in what can broadly be described as social documentary. This exhibition is based on two of his recent major projects. In his 2014 book This Is Scotland (with text by Daniel Gray), his aim was to get away from the cliched stereotypical images of Scotland, and to show a hidden, but no less real, Scotland that is largely unseen by even many native Scots, let alone tourists.. His follow-up to this is 100 Weeks of Scotland, an ambitious and epic journey through the length and breadth of the country in the 100 weeks leading up the the independence referendum, documenting not just the referendum campaign itself (from both sides of the argument), but also the wider socio-political changes Scotland was - and still is - undergoing.

Alan is now working on another follow up to This Is Scotland, revisiting many of his previous themes in greater depth.

The two books This Is Scotland and 100 Weeks of Scotland (both published by Edinburgh based Luath Press) will be available in the shop throughout the exhibition.

The Early Days of a Better Nation: Political Posters by Stewart Bremner

7 April - 30 May 2015

Leith based graphic artist Stewart Bremner created over 1200 graphics during the Scottish independence referendum. While some of his poster designs became iconic images which featured extensively in the Yes campaign, many of his designs are far less familiar, and many have never existed in printed form until now. This exhibition offers the opportunity to see a wide selection of his poster designs in a form which do them full justice - as printed posters - rather than just on a website or as part of a Twitter campaign.

Throughout the 20th century, many artistic movements have given rise to the inspiration behind the art of the political poster: the Russian constructivists, Bauhaus, the Mexican muralists, to name but a few. As a result, it can be argued that the political poster has evolved into an artform in its own right. Stewart Bremner's graphic designs belong firmly in that long and venerable tradition. On the other hand, his designs are a reminder of the extent to which that tradition has been lost in recent years, a time when political posters are mostly created not by artists, but by advertising agencies - just think of the posters Saatchi & Saatchi created for the Tories under Thatcher. As a result, politics has been reduced to a consumer commodity. It is refreshing that in 21st century Scotland at least, the Yes movement has helped to revive a more grass roots bottom-up engagement with the big political ideas of our time, and artists like Stewart who use their art to communicate those ideas have played an important role in that process and breathed new life into the art of the political poster.

A book featuring all the prints in the exhibition and many many more is also available in the shop, or online direct from the publisher:

The Early Days of a Better Nation

Edinburgh: A Tale of Two Cities Exhibition:

3 March - 4 April 2015

Much has been written in recent years about the disproportionate share of wealth held by the super-rich - the top 1% - compared with the rest. This exhibition is concerned not so much with the super-rich, but rather looks at a divide that is no less stark - if anything, all the more disconcerting because the two sides of the divide consist of larger numbers of people: namely the inequality that exists between the comfortably well-off and the financially precarious, the divide between, say, the top third and bottom third of the wealth distribution.

Many cities have areas where the rich and poor live cheek by jowl, and where the contrast between the two is immediately visible to the casual observer. While this is also true to a certain degree of Edinburgh, here, the poor tend to be more invisible, in large part because they have been pushed out to the peripheries of the city. Most visitors, and indeed many locals, would seldom if ever have set foot in some of the places depicted in the photographs here.

Images of Holyrood Park Exhibition:

By Michael Knowles from Made in Edinburgh: Poems and Evocations of Holyrood Park by Tessa Ransford with photographs by Michael Knowles

Leith Said Aye Exhibition:

By Various Artists. Images of the Scottish Independence Referendum Campaign. 9 Dec 2014 - 24 Jan 2015
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